The Illicit Couple's Retreat

The Illicit Couple's Retreat (code name "Project Vaseline") was a one-time immersive adventure through the abandoned Penn Hills honeymoon resort in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania. Seven intrepid, unsuspecting couples were taken on intimate adventure through a sexy, swinging 1970's getaway set in the current backdrop of the resort's decay.
How would you describe a project that is part immersive theater, part designer kidnapping, and totally top secret? Awesome. That’s how. –The Awesome Foundation

Daytime photos by Ida Benedetto. RV photos by Ben Lowy. All else by Tod Seelie.

Chief Colluders: Eugene Ashton-Gonzalez, Myric Lehner

Crew: Amour Obscur (Matt Dallow, Dee Dee Vega), Andrew Otto, Audio Smut (Kaitlin Prest and Mitra Kaboli), Dylan Thuras, Harvey Love Muscle (Evan Collier), Jason Eppink, Lisa Jamhoury & Pierre Drescher, LB, Mike Hicks, Nicolina Art, Valerie Kuehne, Yoni Brook

Guests: Larisa Fuchs & Jesse Sheidlower, Lee-Sean Huang & DCR, Jefferson & Caitlin, Jonathan Harris & Emma Shaw Crane, Jeffery & Nicole, Dieu Nguyen & Linh, John Jarzemsky & Kristin MacDonough

Thank you to the Awesome Foundation for making awesome possible.