Businessweek, April 11 2016
"Every Sextantworks project, whether it’s a paid commission or not, is evaluated based on a system the two developed called GLIT, which stands for Generosity, Location, Intimacy, and Transgression."
The New York Times, September 9 2014
"To Ms. Benedetto, the co-host of the jazz club, the rumors of New York’s demise aren’t only exaggerated — they’re completely wrong."
O Globo, September 9 2014
"For anyone who was there, the city was no longer the same."
Fast Company, July 2 2014
"Wanderlust Projects is an event design company that creates and curates original events, but there's a twist: Attending one of their events could get you arrested."
NPR Music, June 11 2014
"When some urban explorers invited the musical adventurers of a Moroccan-inspired band along on a mysterious road trip, we just had to come along. We wound up at an abandoned mine in upstate New York."
The Huffington Post, May 21 2014
"Benedetto and Austin fell in love with the space when they stumbled upon it a few months earlier, and they had hoped to pay homage by bringing the site back to life one final time before the redevelopment began."
The Daily Beast, Dec 16 2013
"The Wanderlust Projects duo are building bars in water towers and romantic getaways in abandoned resorts. They’re shaking up the underground scene…and they want to teach you how, too."
Biz Bash, November 20 2013
"To thank long-time donors, producers tapped Wanderlust."
Folha de São Paulo, Aug 23 2013
"A group of 16 people received a gift package of bamboo with a glass of sake and the invitation to participate in a mysterious experience - no information more was revealed, only the rendezvous location."
Future of Storytelling, Aug 14 2013
Future of Storytelling founder Charlie Melcher engages Ida and N.D. in a discussion on the narrative potential of place, with commentary and questions by Chief Urban Designer of New York City Alex Washburn.
The New Yorker, May 27 2013
'Look out at the skyline. What do you see?' Three couples obediently looked out from the roof of a decrepit eleven-story building in lower Manhattan, which they had entered illegally, by night, with the help of a nattily dressed guide named Dirby."
Animal New York, May 24 2013
"Attending the Night Heron was possible only as a gift, pre-paid by a previous guest, and passed to you in the form of a pocket watch that was your entrance token."
The New York Times, May 22 2013
"Mr. Austin located a suitable water tower by scouring Buildings Department records for violations with egregious scaffold fines. That can indicate a neglectful landlord, he said, which meant it might be a vacant building ripe for adopting as one’s own."
The Atlantic, May 20 2013
"For six weeks this spring, an illegal Manhattan cocktail lounge gave 700 strangers a night they'll never forget."
The Gothamist, Jan 1 2013
"Fifty people, none of whom knew where they were going, were trucked to the defunct Domino Sugar factory an hour before dawn on a recent Saturday and escorted quickly inside. When asked if they knew where they were, only half the hands went up. Of course, no one in the group had actually ventured inside the sucrose fortress in Williamsburg that they'd seen countless times from beyond its walls."
The Awesome Foundation, Oct 14 2012
"How would you describe a project that is part immersive theater, part designer kidnapping, and totally top secret? Awesome. That’s how."