Room 186

Room 186 was a love motel infiltration in São Paulo, Brazil, designed in collaboration with Mesa & Cadeira. Rent-by-the-hour love motels hold a spacial place in Brazilian culture as the site of most people's formative sexual experiences. The Mesa & Cadeira experience turned love motel conventions of cookie cutter desire into an exploration of the self that moved both designers and guests to tears.
In the love motel in São Paulo, they put ladders in the rooms for the participants climb to the roof of the building through skylights, filled a jacuzzi with a colorful ball pit, covered the entire floor of a suite with leaves, and simulated a child's party birthday. - Folha de S.Paulo

Photos by Marco Antonio.

Chief Colluders: Barbara Soalheiro, Denise Saito, Ligia Giatti, Amnah Asad, Bruno Höera, Carola Costa, Edgard Gouveia, Fernanda Cardoso, Gilberto Topczewsk, Gustavo Bonfiglioli, Jaakko Tammela, Joana Tuttoilmondo, Luciana Minami, Manuel Nogueira, Marina Bortoluzzi, Renato Fregnani, Roberta Vieira, Rodrigo Guima, Sara Marina

Guests: Sepcially seclected friends of specially selected friends

Special Thanks: Brad Haynes, Carla Mayumi, and Maria Giraldo for inspiring Mesa & Cadeira to invite Sextantworks to fulfill a love motel dream in São Paulo.