The Wanderlust School of Selling Out

June 2013, Hosted by N.D. Austin & Ida Benedetto at Kickstarter HQ.
The skills that make you good are not the skills that make you successful. In this four-part discussion series, Wanderlust explores the chemistry between creativity and commerce. The pop-up think tank at Kickstarter's new headquarters in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, featured some brilliant minds on the topics of Money, Spaces, Clients, and Deals. Watch the footage of the discussions below.

on what it enables and what it will cost you
on sustaining venues for creative communities
on protecting yourself from the people who want you
on securing the terms for doing what you're best at

The series would not have been possible without help from:

Patricia Malfitano, Kendel Ratley, Shannon Ferguson, Tomasz Werner, Chris Muccioli, Taylor Moore, Flloyd Chambers, LB, Dirby Luongo, Laine Nooney, Mark Azoulay, Shira Bannerman, Ayden Grout, Tod Seelie, Tim Hospodar, Cameron Yates, Jeff Stark, Macktez, Eastern Collective, Tom Lehrer