The Mambo

The Mambo was an ill-fated vacation to Kutsher's Hotel and Country Club, the last of the grand old Borscht Belt resorts in the Catskill Mountains of New York. A dozen guests and their children were ready to enjoy the refreshing country air with bands, comedians, a bartender, and even a tummler. Sadly, the day of our excursion was the day demolition started in earnest. Guests received care packages as a consolation, and the crew was diverted to the Widow Jane Mine for an impromptu concert by an underground lake.
It was one of the most magical days I’ve had since moving to New York a little over a year ago, and it all happened by accident.
- The Huffington Post

Video from NPR Music

Kutcher's photos by Ida Benedetto. Widow Jane Mine photos by Tod Seelie.

Crew: Lindsay Cooper, Jordan Schwartz, LB, John Timothy, Josh Sharp, Siobhan Thompson, Hassan Hakmoun, Chikako Iwahori, Bailo Bah, Raja Kassis, Harvy Wirht, PE, Malte Barnekow, Deedee Vega, Matt Dallow, Yoni Benshlomo, Mito Habe-Evans, Anastasia Tsioulcas, Kevin Wait, AJ Wilhelm, CY, Yoni Brook, Naomi Brook, Dirby Luongo

Guests: Specially invited intrepid families and couples